Sberbank analyzes how much Russians tip

Nov 06, 2019
  • Russians tip 7.5% of guest check in cafés and restaurants
  • In March 2019 tips were highest per AOV, standing at RUB96
  • Average of 40.3% of SberFood foodtech platform users tip with card
  • March to September 2019 tip size down 8.4% in monetary terms

November 6, 2019, Moscow — Sberbank and SberFood – a Sberbank ecosystem FoodTech company – have analyzed how much people tip in Russia. The study is part of SberData, Sberbank’s big data analytics and processing initiative.

Having analyzed the transactions March through September 2019 across Russian regions where SberFood has a footprint, the stakeholders found out that customers of cafés and restaurants, irrelevant of their price segments, tipped an average of 7.5% of the guest check. With SberFood you can leave cashless tips of any size you choose.

In 7M19, as much as 40.3% of SberFood users tipped an average of RUB88.5. This is not everyone who wanted to tip their waiters, as some of the customers didn’t use the app or tipped with cash, probably because not everyone has gotten used to tipping with a card.

In monetary terms, tip size slid 8.4% as of March 2019 compared to September 2019. That said, in March cashless tips were the highest, standing at RUB96, whereas in July the metric hit its bottom with RUB74.

Visitors of SberFood member cafés and restaurants would tip more often in August (42.6% of customers) and less often in April (36.9%). Those who left positive reviews would tip twice as often as those who would leave no reviews or negative ones.