Sberbank shoots romantic version of NILETTO’s Lyubimka music video

Feb 14, 2020
  • Sberbank’s Youth card integrated into the video
  • TikTok users can join a challenge and repeat what Niletto does


February 14, 2020, Moscow — On Valentine’s Day, Sberbank and Visa are launching an advertising campaign to back the Youth Card. The campaign’s ambassador is NILETTO, a singer believed to be one of the discoveries of 2019. A new arrangement for the hit Lyubimka was written and a romantic version of the music video was shot specially for the campaign.

The video’s protagonist visits places that enjoy popularity in the run-up to holidays, like jewelry stores, home appliances shops, places selling stuffed animals and flowers. Every step along his way there’s a Sberbank Youth card to help him. Finally, he meets his other half.

The video is available here.

The music video is accompanied by the #SberLyubimka (#СберЛюбимка) challenge NILETTO launched on TikTok. Together with Sberbank, the singer challenges social media users to shoot how they give a present in a creative way, while dancing to the romantic version of his Lyubimka song.

The bank also designed some new cards you can share with Sberbank Online app.