Samsung Pay unlocked for Sberbank Mir card holders

Aug 28, 2019
  • Holders of Sberbank Mir cards can now make purchases using Samsung Pay
  • Service offers top-notch payment data security
  • Sberbank Mir card can be added via Samsung Pay app.


August 28, 2019, Moscow — Samsung Pay service is now available to Sberbank Mir card holders.

You can make a purchase by simply launching Samsung Pay and holding your cellphone against a payment terminal. Available on Samsung Pay-compatible Samsung Galaxy devices, the service offers the highest possible security for your payment data, which includes a token instead of your card number and mandatory fingerprint/retina/PIN identification with any purchase you make. Samsung Knox, a built-in mobile security platform, will offer data protection irrelevant of your operating system. Smartphone payment via Mir only requires a couple of minutes to set up in Samsung Pay app.

Today, Samsung Pay is available anywhere where you can pay with a card. The Samsung Magnetic Secure Transmission solution enables Mir purchases even via terminals featuring no NFC.

Dmitry Malykh, Director of Acquiring and Bank Cards, Sberbank,

“Mobile proximity payments are gaining momentum among Russians rapidly. It’s the fastest, easiest, and safest means of payment today, and we’re happy that Sberbank Mir clients can now make their purchases with Samsung Pay-enabled smartphones.”

Maxim Lazyrin, Sales Director, NSPK (Mir operator),

“Samsung Pay is growing ever more popular among Mir card holders. In July 2019 the number of Samsung Pay transactions increased nine-fold as compared to January, while the average purchase value slid to RUB 480, from over RUB 500, signifying the growing popularity of this means of payment even for minor everyday purchases. Today, Sberbank is a major issuer of Mir cards and we’re sure millions of clients will appreciate how convenient it is to make your routine payments with Mir.”

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