Sber congratulates young people on Students Day

Jan 25, 2021

Sber has joined the celebration of Students Day, which Russia celebrates on January 25. For this date, Sber has designed a career game with the opportunity to apply for an internship, an online quiz, financial literacy webinars, a series of free courses on the skills of the future, as well as the opportunity to study for free in a seed accelerator to launch your startup with Stanford Business School. The entire range of activities for the holiday is presented on a special landing page.

Sber presented its vision of the future in a video that was filmed for the holiday. It demonstrates Sber technologies and programs for the youth that will help students realize their potential, including an internship program and a student loan that is available to customers from the age of 14.

Career game: an online internship simulator

This is an opportunity to try yourself in one of the three professions (IT, economics, data science). Using the simulator on, the player can upgrade one’s character by completing the tasks that the trainees face during an internship. The career game will help high school students, college students, and alumni to master new approaches to self-development, understand professional trends, and learn how to present themselves. Participants will get promotional codes and discounts from ecosystem companies (SberZvuk, Citymobil, Okko, SberMarket) and Sber partners (Svyaznoy, LitRes). The online simulator will be available from January 25 to 31.

Students can apply for a real internship at Sber using the SberSeasons program.

SberQuiz: a free game

The quiz will include many topics: financial literacy, cinema, music, culture, history, IT, space, etc. You can participate in this online event as a team (from 2 to 6 people) or individually. If you want to play in a team, but you don't have one yet, the system will offer you to join an existing team. One game lasts 30 minutes. You will need to choose the correct answer of the four options (similar to the game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”) Or give your version if it’s an open question. The game will be available to everyone, including students, until February 28.

A festive lecture as part of the launch of SberUniversity’s New Future Career Skills program

On January 25, SberUniversity is holding a workshop for the 100 best students. The seminar will be aimed at teaching new knowledge and developing managerial, digital, cognitive, and personal competencies. The program will consist of webinars and lectures from Sber business leaders and third-party speakers. The landing page will stream lectures delivered by Andrei Ocheretny, the executive director of the HR Unit and head of the Center for Academic Partnerships, and by Ilya Slepov, the founder of Runlab chain. The speakers will talk about digital transformation, leadership in the digital world, and the Sber ecosystem.

Series of financial literacy webinars and lectures

On January 26, Sber and the Association for Financial Literacy Development (fincubator), are holding two webinars that are part of the national program Financial Literacy Days in Educational Organizations:

· Basics of Working with Personal Finance (1:30 – 2:30 pm) — financial planning and working with the budget, the protected part of the portfolio and investing;

· The Less They Know, the Better You Sleep! Protecting Personal Data (2:30 – 3:30 pm) — protecting your personal data and privacy.

You can sign up for the lectures here.

On February 8-14, the country's leading universities are holding face-to-face and online lectures (they will be organized on the SberMeetup platform or university venues). They, too, will focus on the basics of working with personal finance, personal data protection, and investing. Lecturers will be Sber dignitaries: on February 12, from 2 pm to 3 pm, a webinar at RANEPA will be held by Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, and Sergey Maltsev, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank.

The first Sber accelerator for students based on a Stanford Online course

On January 25, SberStudent – an all-Russian seed accelerator for college students, postgraduates, researchers at institutes and universities – starts welcoming entries. The accelerator program was developed by the Stanford Professional Development Center. The online training will be supervised by teachers from Silicon Valley. Participants will be able to develop their business ideas and launch their first commercial project. Sberbank will pay for the tuition in full. The best students will receive a certificate from the Stanford Professional Development Center and will be able to present their projects to Russian corporations and investors during a specially organized demo day.

Free educational programs for students

On the holiday landing page, students will have access to the best educational programs from Sber and partners for free. These include:

· a basic course in data science from the Artificial Intelligence Academy of the Sberbank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future

· a free Sber-Google online course Become an Entrepreneur. Z Style Business.

The Business Class program course for those who want to start and develop their own business was developed in collaboration with leading entrepreneurs. The course will help students understand the qualities an entrepreneur needs, how to find and test a business idea, design an effective startup development strategy, and find their first clients.

I congratulate students on the holiday and wish them to stay passionate about learning new things for their entire life to never stop changing themselves and the world around them for the better. We gladly accept students as interns, and the most talented ones join our team upon graduation immediately, bringing innovative approaches and moving Sber forward. By Students Day, we’ve tried to provide young people with new opportunities: educational, vocational guidance, and entertainment activities. By the way, they will be of interest not only to students, but also to people of any age, degree, and profession.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank