Sberbank recognized best bank in Central and Eastern Europe for innovations in digital banking

Aug 03, 2020

The British magazine The Banker, part of Financial Times Group, has recognized Sberbank as the best bank in Central and Eastern Europe for innovations in the digital banking. The bank won the Best Bank in Central and Eastern Europe for Innovation in Digital Banking category of the Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2020. The bank received the prestigious award for its three projects such as biometric scanners in ATMs, BRIS Utilities Billing Platform, Algorithmic Orders in the Sberbank Markets E-Commerce System.

Sberbank is actively introducing biometric scanners in its ATMs, a technology that enables customers to use self-service devices to make payments and transfer money, withdraw and deposit cash without a card, smartphone or any document. Sberbank became the first lending organization in Russia that introduced such a solution in its ATMs. You should turn on the biometrics in a convenient way, for example, via Sberbank Online, using an ATM or at the bank’s branch, then choose the Biometric Service option and follow the instructions to use this option. You can’t fool the algorithm by putting on a theatrical makeup or using a photo, it identifies customers even if they have a new haircut, a makeup on or a beard.

BRIS Utilities Billing Platform enables customers to calculate charges for utilities, generate bills for customers, including in electronic form, automate the process of processing payments and further settlements with contractors. In addition to innovations in the business processes, BRIS Utilities Billing Platform enables utility companies to optimize costs of IT services and infrastructure thanks to the cloud-based (SaaS) technology. As a result, the payments speed up, and the transparency of communication between residents, management companies and utility service providers increases. The platform is integrated in the Government Information System on Housing and Public Utilities (GIS HPU), complies with Russian public utility legislation and is compatible with Sberbank modern payment services.

Robotic algorithms — algorithmic orders — are available for customers of the Sberbank Markets platform to make FX transactions. Such orders help to enhance automation of control and transparency of the FX position sizing. The platform supports trade transactions with main world currencies and emerging market currencies, FX transactions with a valuation date today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, swap transactions for a period of up to two years, deliverable and non-deliverable forwards and alignment of rates on deposit opening and minimum balance for a period of up to three years. The minimum FX transaction amount is not limited. 

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank,

“Sberbank strives to deliver a unique user experience while pro-actively introducing modern information technologies into its operations. Our goal is to make sure that the customers using our services could do what they need quickly and be satisfied with the results. This is exactly what biometric scanners in ATMs, the BRIS Utilities platform, and algorithmic orders inside Sberbank Markets are for. And we are pleased that the benefits of these services have been recognized by both our customers and The Banker acknowledged global experts.”