Sber gifts international informatics Olympiad winners with free access to Christofari supercomputer

Jun 23, 2021

SberAI, the branch of Sber that handles AI projects, congratulated the four Russian schoolgirls who won the first European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics and gifted them each with 100 hours of free access to five graphic processors (GPU) on the ML Space platform.

EGOI, the first world-class school Olympiad for girls in informatics, was held online in Switzerland, with the participation of 156 schoolgirls from 39 countries around the globe, including not only European states, but also the USA, India, and other countries. Each team consisted of four team members.

Russia was represented at the competition by: Ekaterina Shilyaeva from Lyceum 31 (Chelyabinsk), Alisa Gladchenko from the Center for Teaching Excellence school (Moscow), Ekaterina Poray from Letovo School (Moscow), and Daria Grekova from School No. 2007 (Moscow).

Ekaterina Shilyaeva and Alisa Gladchenko split the gold in the individual ranking, each earning the same maximum result of 709 points. They performed the best in the highly difficult D2 task, which only 15 contest participants managed to complete successfully.

I would like to sincerely congratulate our girls and their teachers with their well-deserved gold medals at such a prestigious international Olympiad. Not all adult IT professionals would be able to pull off the tasks that these schoolgirls handled so brilliantly. The youngest member of the Russian team, Daria Grekova, just finished seventh grade.

Fostering the development of talent, including in digital technologies and artificial intelligence, is one of Sber’s priorities. That is why we are happy to present the winners with access to the resources of one of the best supercomputers in the world – Christofari, which will facilitate the development of previously unimaginable products to solve a wide variety of challenges facing business, science, and all of humanity. I also invite the entire team of winners to participate in competitions held by Sber – the NTI Club Movement’s AI Olympiad, hackathons held by the international AI Journey conference, and more.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

The ML Space cloud service can be used to organize distributed training on over 1,000 high-performance graphic processors. The platform architecture is based on Sber’s own supercomputer, Christofari, which has a total capacity of 6.7 petaFLOPS. Christofari is ranked 36th in the TOP500 global high-performance system ranking.