Sberbank starts receiving remittances from KYRGYZSTAN commercial bank

May 20, 2020
  • To send money, CB KYRGYZSTAN customers only need to know Sberbank card number or phone number associated with it
  • Remittances available via CB KYRGYZSTAN’s MBank Online mobile app
  • Remittances to CB KYRGYZSTAN via Sberbank Online for Sberbank customers were rolled out in August 2019

May 20, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank and Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN OJSC are announcing the launch of card remittances to Sberbank cards from CB KYRGYZSTAN cards.

From now on remittances from Kyrgyzstan to Russia will be even more convenient, as customers can send money via CB KYRGYZSTAN’s MBank Online app without going to the bank. To make a remittance you only need to know the bank card number of a Sberbank customer or the mobile phone associated with it.

Kirill Dmitriev, Director of the Payments and Transfers, Sberbank,

“We are systematically strengthening business ties with our CIS partners. As we are developing our ecosystem of online transfers, Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN has become the first bank in the republic to launch a pay to mobile service for Sberbank customers. This means that fast and affordable money transfers between our customers are now bilateral, as they can be made both from Russia to Kyrgyzstan, and vice versa.”

In August 2019, Sberbank and CB KYRGYZSTAN launched their first joint project, i.e. money transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan via Sberbank Online using the recipient's phone number.

Aminat Grivtsova, Deputy Chairman, OJSC Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN,

“One of the key advantages is that you don’t need to go to the bank to make a remittance. CB KYRGYZSTAN customers only need to have MBank Online mobile banking activated. We hope that customers will highly appreciate the convenience and simplicity of the service.”

Remittances must range from RUB10 to RUB150,000. The fee has been set at 2% of the amount sent, but will not be under RUB30. The service is available 24/7.

With Sberbank Online remittances are also available to CIS-based entities, such as Alif Bank, Orienbank, International Bank of Tajikistan, IMON International MDO, Dushanbe City MDO, Commerce Bank of Tajikistan, Spitamen Bank, the First MicroFinanceBank and Bank Eskhata in Tajikistan; Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN and Kompanion Bank in Kyrgyzstan; Commercial Bank Agrobank in Uzbekistan; Kapital Bank in Azerbaijan, and Evocabank in Armenia.