Sber's software asset management project is the best in Europe

Nov 22, 2021

Sber has received the SAMS Europe Award for the best software asset management project. The European professional community praised Sber’s “Integrated SAM Solution at Sberbank” project, which took first place. It is the first time a Russian company has won first place in the history of the award.

Sber's solution automates the collection and processing of a huge amount of data received through integrations with primary information sources for software accounting. As a result, Sber receives up-to-date and systematic information about licenses, making it possible to optimize them and improve the quality of planning.

The award ceremony took place at the SAM Strategies Europe Conference in Copenhagen. This year, the jury selected three nominees from the applications received: Sberbank, Atruvia AG, and Toyota Tsusho Systems Europe GmbH. At the conference, the nominees presented their solutions, and the SAMS Europe community voted online to determine the winner of the award for the best SAM project in Europe.

David Rafalovsky, CTO and Global Head of Operation and Technology of SberBank Group, Executive Vice President at SberBank:

“The implementation of a reliable SAM solution will allow Sber to strengthen control over licensing costs and support throughout the entire software life cycle, as well as improve the efficiency of existing software assets. At the root of our solution are the processing of vast amounts of data and a number of complex integrations. We are delighted to be the first in Russia to receive such a prestigious award for a SAM project.”