Sber launches cashless tipping service

Apr 13, 2021

Sber has launched SberTips, a unique cashless tipping service, with money credited to your bank card.

If you work in the service industry and would like to take advantage of this option, you need to register on using your phone number or Sber ID. Then access your user account and associate a bank card for cashless tipping. Member profiles can also be used to generate unique QR codes that customers will use for tipping.

The service lets you generate several QR codes with different names that you can use for different purposes, letting you track the tips and systematize them. All statistical data will be available in your account and can be arranged in the form of charts broken down by days, weeks, months, average tipping rates, and other useful data. There’s also a section for messages that customers might leave along with tips.

To tip the people employed in services that have SberTip accounts, you need to scan a personal QR code, choose how much you’d like to tip, and leave a review (optional). You can pay with a card, use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

A growing number of our customers favor convenient and secure cashless transactions over cash. At Sber, we’re developing this trend in many industries, from retail to transportation, which is why Russia sees the number of locations and situations where people might need banknotes or coins grow smaller by the day. SberTips enables customers to thank those employed in services for their work even when clients don’t have cash or cards with them because a smartphone is all you need.

Kirill Tsaryov

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank