From conservative to aggressive: five ready-to-use low-entry investment portfolios added to Sberbank Online

Jul 29, 2020

From conservative to aggressive: five ready-to-use low-entry investment portfolios added to Sberbank Online

Now you can invest in one of the five ready-to-use investment portfolios (based on fiduciary management strategies) by Sberbank Asset Management via Sberbank Online. The new portfolios feature the largest basket among all online investment products. Their main goal is to mimic stock market changes. Users will invest in securities via stock exchange-traded fund sales.*

Investment via Sberbank Online is more affordable than at the bank:

  • the minimum down payment for a portfolio is RUB 50,000 (RUB 1 mln at a Sberbank branch)
  • the minimum top-up amount is RUB 25,000 (RUB 500,000 at a Sberbank branch).

You should tap the “+” sign in the Investments and Pensions section and choose TM Strategy to invest in a strategy in trust via Sberbank Online.

Igor Mamontov, Vice President, Director of Investments and Savings, Sberbank,

“We have offered investment portfolios via Sberbank Online. They were created based on the risk and yield expectations of customers. The investment range of each portfolio ranges from several dozens to several hundreds of securities, being among the widest ranges among our investment products today. The portfolios include tools denominated in different currencies, issued by different companies and states. Anyone can get an optimal set of securities only for RUB 50,000 that would be immune to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, prices of shares, bonds and even stock exchanges. Another upside of these portfolios is that they are free from human errors, and their yield only depends on stock exchange fluctuations.”

Conservative Portfolio

  • Potential yield is slightly higher than your deposit. Funds are invested in the most reliable government bonds, as well as ruble short-term bonds of the largest Russian companies.*

Cautious Portfolio

  • Potential yield is slightly higher than with the Conservative Portfolio. The proportion of short-term bonds is decreased in favor of long-term ones. Few shares are added.*

Moderate Portfolio

  • Potential yield is way higher than your deposit. The portfolio relies on bonds and shares of quickly-growing Russian companies. A small portion is invested in government bonds.

Moderate Aggressive Portfolio

  • Potential yield is significantly higher than your deposit. It differs from the Moderate Portfolio due to a larger proportion of shares; 5% of funds are invested in shares of US companies, which increases both potential yield and risks. The funds are also invested in government and corporate bonds.

Aggressive Portfolio

  • Maximum potential yield. It differs from the Moderate Aggressive Portfolio by having a larger proportion of Russian shares and a smaller proportion of Russian corporate bonds. A small fraction of funds is invested in Russian government bonds and shares of US companies.

Low-entry mutual funds and personal investment accounts had earlier become available via Sberbank Online. It is 1% cheaper to apply for them online than at the bank thanks to canceled entry fees.

* Investment in securities is made by injecting funds in Sberbank Asset Management’s stock exchange-traded and open-end mutual funds. You can find more detailed terms of investment in strategies on their pages via Sberbank Online.