40% of second medical opinion cases in April-May pulmonology-related

May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020, Moscow — Sberbank life insurance, a Sberbank subsidiary, has analyzed the second medical opinion requests from customers whose policies feature this service. As much as 40% of SMO requests registered in April and the first half of May were related to pulmonology issues. The frequency of requests for a second medical opinion for this reason is several times higher than in the previous months of the year.

The SMO service lets you have an alternative opinion about your condition from the leading professionals working in and outside Russia. SMO is an option embedded in Sberbank life insurance policies in addition to the standard services. It does not affect the price of policies for the customer and can be used as many times during the term of the contract as the customer wants.

All customers who had sought a second medical opinion after being diagnosed with pulmonology diseases were tested for coronavirus. As much as 30% of customers were initially diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, and the diagnosis was confirmed after getting SMOs. Another 60% of customers had been initially diagnosed with coronavirus. After applying for a second medical opinion the diagnosis was confirmed in 40% of cases and 60% of customers were offered an additional examination or other treatment options. Another 10% of customers were initially diagnosed with ARVI, but the diagnosis was not confirmed after an SMO.

All the customers who applied for a second medical opinion on pulmonology diagnoses live in Moscow. In 70% of cases they are women. The age of customers seeking alternative medical advice is different. The youngest customers who were tested for coronavirus are girls of one, three, and five years old; the oldest are a 59-year-old man and a woman aged 65.

Besides the pulmonology-related requests, 20% of customers took advantage of the SMO service because of neuralgia issues and 15% sought advice on oncology and cardiology issues. Ophthalmology, orthopedics, and nephrology each accounted for 5% of all requests.

The biggest number of SMO requests, 55% of all, came from customers living in Moscow and Moscow Region. Irkutsk Region, St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Samara Region, and Tatarstan each accounted for 5% of requests.

Yekaterina Kolomentseva, Managing Director, Center of Healthcare Products and Services, Sberbank,

“We offer customers to get medical opinions from highly qualified doctors about the accuracy of previous diagnoses and recommendations on a treatment plan, as well as objective answers to questions in 10 areas of medicine. Doubting a diagnosis, quality of an examination, or the recommended treatment regimen is normal when you’re facing serious health problems, especially in the current epidemiological situation. Back in January-March 2020, the largest number of service calls was related to neurology. Pulmonology diseases in early 2020 accounted for only 4% of cases, while in April-May they jumped to 40%. When in doubt, we recommend that our customers receive a second medical opinion to be 100% sure of the diagnosis and confirm the need for treatment or surgery.”

The Second Medical Opinion service is included in the voluntary life insurance policies for consumer loan borrowers – the Health Horizon, Health Fund, and Family Asset programs. At the employer's discretion SMOs can be part of group insurance against accidents and illnesses. Currently, the service is available to 3.5 mln customers of Sberbank life insurance.