Sber markets online cancer insurance with annual checkup

Apr 09, 2021

Sber has made its cancer insurance available via the SberBank Online app. Sberbank life insurance’s Health Horizon program lets policyholders have annual checkups and get detailed reports on their health.

Checkups take customer’s gender and age into account and include laboratory and diagnostic tests such as mammography, gynecological cytology screening, ultrasonography, etc. A checkup takes one or two days.

If diagnosed with cancer, a customer can get a second opinion and undergo another examination if necessary. In case of a confirmed diagnosis, the insurer will pay for the treatment in full when it’s within the RUB 8.5 mn limit and ensure full organizational support by choosing a clinic, paying the costs of commuting to the place of treatment, and helping issue the documents required to fly a patient and one accompanying person in.

WHO says that prevention, diagnosing, and screening could save seven million lives of potential cancer patients in the next decade. Comprehensive medical examinations allow you to identify diseases at an early stage and detect adverse combinations of risk factors. After looking into checkup results, individual recommendations are produced to reduce these risks.

We are the most precious asset, so health investments are the best. In a world full of stress, strain, and time pressure you feel like lessening the burden and creating the right environment to take care of your health. That’s exactly what our insurance programs do. From now on, Sber’s policy covering regular checkups and protecting you from cancer can be taken out in a matter of clicks. Also, signing an insurance contract via SberBank Online is simpler, more convenient, and cheaper than in an offline branch.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Insurance for children (up to 17 YO) costs RUB 5,000, adult policies (18-64 YO) are priced from RUB 18,000, and people in the 65-74 age group can take out one for RUB 36,000. The insurance term is one year and can be prolonged for the current price for up to five years even if a client has been diagnosed with cancer.