Mir Pay now available to SberBank Mir cardholders

Jun 21, 2021

SberBank has joined the Mir Pay contactless payment service. Mir by SberBank cardholders are now able to use the Mir Pay mobile app on their phones to make purchases.

Any Sberbank Mir card – contactless or swipe – can be registered to use for mobile phone payments with Mir Pay. Clients can unlock their smartphone and tap it against a POS terminal to make a payment, without even needing to open the Mir Pay app. For purchases up to RUB 1,000 you need only activate the screen – the phone can remain unlocked.

Mir Pay is the third solution for SberBank Mir cardholders who prefer to use their phones for payments. Apart from Mir Pay, bank clients also have access to contactless payments via SberPay and Samsung Pay. Each solution provides a specific user experience, allowing each user to select the best one for them.

Igor Kovalyov

Director of Customer’s Wallet, Sberbank

Mir Pay has all the pertinent features of a mobile payment service. Its users have a way to use their smartphones to pay for purchases and services, as well as transport, quickly, conveniently, and securely on all devices that accept payment via Mir contactless bank cards. Mir Pay is currently the best way to pay for your trip on the Moscow and St. Petersburg metros.

Dmitry Buvin

Commercial Director, Mir