Small businesses can enjoy discount rates on loans if they’re Sberbank customers

Sep 14, 2020

Sberbank offers discount rates on loans for small businesses that subscribe to new products or use some of its current ones. Reaching up to 1%, the loan depends on the number of Sberbank products an entity uses regularly.

At stage one, discounts apply to the following products: payroll projects, merchant acquiring, debit corporate cards.

The size of the discount will depend on the number of products a customer had been using before applying for a loan, or the products the entity bought when taking out the loan.

Throughout the lending term, the bank will monitor how the customer uses the products and will reset the lending rate to the basic value if the customer doesn’t comply.

You can get a soft loan without going to the bank. To do that, subscribe to new products and take out a loan via Sberbank Business Online, or go to your personal lending manager.

To take advantage of the discount, you need to:

  • apply for any purpose loan
  • fill in a form and upload photos of your passport
  • get lending approval and discount for one month after taking out the loan
  • use Sberbank products to apply the discount to your entire lending term.