Sber and Group provide RUB 12.2bn in business development funding to the O2O JV

Oct 07, 2021

The O2O joint venture focused on transportation and food between Sber and Group has been provided with an additional RUB 12.2bn in financing from both of the partners, which contributed equal amounts.

The shareholders are pleased with the progress made by the O2O JV since its formation in December 2019, with its GMV rising from RUB 3.4bn (gross) in Q4 2019 to RUB 45.1bn (gross) in Q2 2021 (>13x), including the 1.8x YoY increase delivered in Q2 2021. Given the expanded perimeter of the JV in 2020, along with the structural changes and penetration pull-forward seen in light of the pandemic partners recognize the materially higher overall market opportunity. Extra funding is to be used for further advancement of the O2O JV assets, including around technology and new hires, to drive sustainable growth and continue to unlock new market opportunities within e-grocery in particular. 

The new funding in the amount of RUB 12.2bn in total is being provided in the form of equity. Thus, the total investment provided by Sber and Group into the JV amounted to about RUB 43bn in 2021, split equally. Although the JV remains in active investment phase, shareholders are focused on both, growth and unit economics. The break-even across the main assets is anticipated within the coming two-three years.

Following the additional funding Sber and Group will continue to have equal stakes in the JV of 45.01% each with the rest to be potentially allocated for the long-term motivation program to incentivize the O2O platform's employees.

Perimeter of the O2O JV consists of the following assets:

  • Food-tech: Delivery Club (98%), Samokat (85%), Local Kitchen (85%), r_keeper (99%) and Performance Group (25%)
  • Mobility: Citymobil (97%), Citydrive (former YouDrive) (77%) and 2GIS (3%)

Andrey Vanin, senior vice president, head of the Directorate for Ecosystem Development, Sber; chairman of the O2O Board of Directors:

“This December, our joint venture turns two, and as the performance of its member companies shows, the decision to create a joint venture in foodtech and urban mobility was a strategically sound one. We accurately predicted the trend and invested in breakthrough industries in a timely manner, combining our competencies, resources, and efforts. Since the market is still far from saturated, we have decided on a new round of financing. This investment will help us strengthen our position in the food and grocery delivery, as well as taxi and carsharing markets. By making our JV services faster and more convenient, technologically advanced, and intuitive, we will be able to provide our clients with new opportunities.”

Boris Dobrodeev, CEO (Russia), Group:

“Our long standing strategic focus on the O2O market remains the same. The commitment of both main shareholders to build a leading local O2O player remains firmly in place. The pandemic has accelerated the ongoing structural changes and hence opened a much larger addressable market and with it growth and new areas of opportunity. In particular the long-standing cultural barrier around ways to consume food has largely been removed and users rightly are looking for the best possible speed and convenience around related delivery. We intend to remain at the forefront of this market. Importance of safe and convenient way of moving around has also risen. Additional funding puts us in position to take advantage of the multiple extraordinary growth opportunities we recognize and want to exploit within the space with our partnership able to act quickly and be well-positioned for further market share gains and even deeper technological development”.