Shares and Dividends

21 586 948 000
ordinary shares with a par value of RUB 3


1 000 000 000
preferred shares with a par value of RUB 3


15 000 000 000
authorized ordinary shares


Analyst Recommendations and Price Targets

SberBank Shareholder structure

In April 2020, the holder of the controlling stake in SberBank changed. The Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation acquired 11,293,474,001 of ordinary SberBank shares, which is 50% plus one stake of its authorized capital, or 52.32% of all voting SberBank shares, from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The shareholder structure as of the end of the trading session on August 31, 2020:

Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

50% + 1 voting share

Non-resident companies


Resident companies


Private investors


A total of 615,000+ shareholders

Information about entities exercising indirect (through third parties) significant influence on the decisions made by the bank's management bodies

Is disclosed for the purpose of complying with the information disclosure order set by the Bank of Russia in accordance with Instruction No.345-P "On the procedure of disclosure by banks of information on persons that have significant influence on the banks business - participants of the obligatory deposit insurance system in the Russian Federation".

Dividend Policy

The Supervisory Board of SberBank makes a recommendation to the General Shareholders' Meeting on the payment and amount of dividends. Dividends are calculated based on net profit under IFRS (since 2012).

In 2020, SberBank has adopted the dividend policy for the next 3 years. The dividend payout ratio is set at 50% of the Group's net profit under IFRS adjusted for interest payments less the tax effect on equity instruments other than shares accounted for in equity, provided that certain mandatory conditions are met.

Under the Dividend Policy, the key conditions are to maintain the Group’s CET-1 adequacy under IFRS at a level of at least 12.5% and to comply with the mandatory capital adequacy ratios set by the Bank of Russia, taking into account the risk appetite approved by the Supervisory Board of SberBank.

When deciding on the amount of dividends, the terms and conditions must also be considered and taken into account as set out in para. 2.2. of the Regulation on the Dividend Policy of SberBank.


Dividend Payout Ratio

Who is eligible for dividend?

Anyone holding the bank shares as of the register closing date, which is set by the SberBank AGM over the term of 10 days ahead of the meeting and 20 days after it.

Dividends will be credited to shareholders’ accounts using money transfers.

Size of dividends

Dividend size and payout is determined by the AGM upon the recommendation of the Supervisory Board of SberBank.

The size of dividends cannot exceed the size recommended by the Supervisory Board and is identical for a preferred and an ordinary share.

Dividend payment terms

Payment of dividends to a nominee shareholder or a discretionary manager on the shareholders’ register shall be made within 10 business days.

Other people or entities on the shareholders’ register shall receive their dividend payouts within 25 business days after the closing of the register.

Dividend Payment History

Year of paymentFor the yearTotal size of dividendsDividends on ordinary sharesPayment per sharePar valueDividends on preferred sharesPayment per sharePar value



422 375 927 600,00

403 675 927 600,00



18 700 000 000,00

20192018361 391 168 000,00345 391 168 000,0016,003,0016 000 000 000,0016,003,00
20182017271 043 376 000,00259 043 376 000,0012,003,0012 000 000 000,0012,003,00
Depositary Receipts


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Changes in the Share Capital and Information on Share Issues

Changes in charter capital of SberBank

The History of SberBank's Share Issues*

#Issue registration dateOrdinary SharesPreferred SharesCharter Capital (in thousand RUB)

Number of Shares Outstanding.Nominal Value (RUB)Number of Shares Outstanding.Nominal Value (RUB)Cumulative total
115.04.199345 00050250 00012 500
229.06.1993135 00050750 000110 000
321.12.1993720 000504 000 000150 000
412.04.1994900 000505 000 0001100 000
520.07.19951 900 00050--195 000
628.09.19952 426 24950--316 312
715.05.19962 873 7515040 000 0001500 000
825.12.19964 002 00050--700 100
909.06.19981 000 00050--750 100
1004.06.20014 998 00050--1 000 000
11 **01.08.200619 000 000300050 000 0006060 000 000
1229.03.20072 586 9483000--67 760 844
13 ***19.07.200721 586 948 00031 000 000 000367 760 844
* adjusted for ruble denomination
** face value increase
*** share split


Shares issue #11 (conversion)

Share conversion was accomplished through a 60-fold increase in nominal value of share and no change to the number of shares outstanding (via re-evaluation of the Bank's assets):

  • All ordinary shares outstanding with a nominal value of RUB50 per share were converted into ordinary shares with a nominal value of RUB3,000 per share;

  • All preferred shares outstanding with a nominal value of RUB1 per share were converted into preferred shares with a nominal value of RUB60 per share.

Shares issue #13 (share split)

  • All ordinary shares outstanding with a nominal value of RUB3,000 per share were converted into ordinary shares with a nominal value of RUB3 per share under a 1:1000 share split;

  • All preferred shares outstanding with a nominal value of RUB60 per share were converted into preferred shares with a nominal value of RUB20 per share under a 1:20 share split.

SberBank shares outstanding have the following individual state registration numbers issued by The Bank of Russia as of July 11, 2007:

  • Ordinary share – 10301481В

  • Preferred share – 20301481В

The Bank's ordinary and preferred shares have been publicly traded on the Russian exchange markets since 1996. They are in the first level of the Moscow Exchange (MICEX) quotation. American Depositary Receipts are listed on the London Stock Exchange, they are admitted to trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the OTC market of the US..