Sber Shareholder mobile app

Sber Shareholder mobile app provides access to up-to-date information about SberBank, including news feed, table of activities and key events, financial reports and analytics, etc.

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Sber Shareholder mobile app

Shareholder Online Account

Take part in meetings of shareholders from wherever you are or watch video broadcasting. Stay up to date with SberBank’s corporate life!

News feed

The news feed features up-to-date information for shareholders: press releases and exclusive analytics from SberCIB, videos from Sber TV and an access to Investment Intelligibly education portal.

Library of useful documents

The app gives you access to SberBank’s financial performance indicators, presentations, annual repots and information on ESG agenda.

SberIndex analitycs

Real-time economic statistics and Sber’s open data on consumer market, as well as labor market, real estate, tourism and other sectors. Stay up to date with Russia’s growth dynamics in real time.

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