Since 1998, the Shareholders Register of Sberbank of Russia has been maintained by STATUS JSC.

Full company name

STATUS Registrar Society Joint Stock Company;

Short company name



32 Novorogozhskaya St, building 1, Moscow 109544

Registration data

Certificate of State Registration No. 066.193 d/d June 20, 1997, Certificate of Entry Made with the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities d/d July 4, 2002

Primary State Registration Number


License issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service

No. 10-000-1-00304 d/d March 12, 2004 (open ended) for register maintenance activities

Contact information

General issues: (495) 974-83-50 Servicing of shareholders: (495) 974-83-47, 8-800-500-87-43 Documents are accepted in the operating hall by appointment: (495) 678-71-12 Fax: (495) 678-71-10


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