Sber Asset Management’s ETF Halal Investments assigned high ESG rating

Dec 03, 2021

Sber Asset Management’s ETF called Halal Investments [1] has been assigned the ESG-5 rating in the ESG-C category by ACRA Credit Rating Agency, which attests to the close attention Sber Asset Management pays to ESG issues.

Evaluation features several components and addresses the company’s work in the following areas: environmental (ESG-Е), social (ESG-S), and governance (ESG-G).

The ESG-E score is driven by the structure of the fund that invests in equities in the oil and gas, power, mining and metals, digital services and consumer sectors.

The assessment of Part S (Social) is based on the level of management of social risks and high socially responsible business standards of the analyzed companies. All of the companies in the fund are major and responsible employers in their regions of presence and make a significant contribution to the development of local communities, while introducing sustainability and social responsibility practices into their governance.

The Governance (G) section is assessed with regard to Sber Asset Management JSC. The assessment stems from the high corporate governance standards, high level of integration of ESG principles in management practices, and strong reputation of the brand. ACRA experts claim that Sber Asset Management adheres to a systemic approach when integrating ESG factors and sustainable development aspects in all lines of business while having high quality corporate governance.

Evgeny Zaitsev, CEO, Sber Asset Management:

“The ESG agenda is still only gaining momentum in Russia, but we can safely say that after a while it will be one of the dominant trends in the stock markets, but also in a broader sense. Therefore, we find it crucial to be pioneers in promoting ESG approaches on the Russian market. We are committed to integrating ESG factors into our product line.”

The ESG rating has been assigned using Sber Asset Management data, information from open sources, and ACRA databases.

[1] BPIF RFI Khalyalniye Investitsii (Halal Investing ETF)