International Borrowings


InstrumentTotal AmountDrawdown DateMaturity dateMaturityInterest Rate, % p.a.
Series 20EUR 1.0 bn26.06.201415.11.20195.5 years 3,35%
Series 7USD 1.0 bn16.06.201116.06.202110 years5,717%
Series 9USD 1.5 bn07.02.201207.02.202210 years6,125%
Carrying value as of 30/09/2019RUB 192.0 bn

Series 12 (subord.)USD 2.0 bn29.10.201229.10.202210 years5,125%
Series 16 (subord.)USD 1.0 bn23.05.201323.05.202310 years5,25%
Carrying value as of 30/09/2019RUB 123.1 bn

Wholesale funding accounted for approximately 1.2% of total liabilities as of 30/09/2019



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