Sber Holds a Winter Educational Session for Supervisory Board Members

Mar 04, 2021

On 17 February 2021, a winter educational session for the members of Sberbank’s Supervisory Board was held in the format of a Zoom conference. Key subjects included the ESG agenda and e-commerce trends. 

Speakers included Sabrin Rahman, HSBC’s Head of Sustainability in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey; Leonid Boguslavsky, a member of Sberbank’s Supervisory Board, founder and General Partner of the RTP Global fund; and Alexander Pavlov, Managing Partner and investment advisor at RTP Global. Sber Executive Board members and other executives whose areas of responsibility include those subjects also took part in the event.

In their welcoming statements, First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank’s Executive Board Alexander Vedyakhin and Sberbank Supervisory Board Member, Officer in Charge of ESG and Sustainable Development Nadya Wells shared their views on the premises and challenges accompanying the promotion of the ESG agenda worldwide and on the drivers that primarily inspire Sber to move in that direction.

 “As our customers see it, environmental and social responsibility constitutes a competitive advantage – you can either have or not. We want to have it. As Russia’s largest organization, Sber is responsible for a “green” transformation of our country, so we are doing our best to accomplish this,” said Alexander Vedyakhin. 

“Both at the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board level and at the level of our employees, Sber has been working diligently for quite some time to promote the social and green agenda, so we are well positioned to become a part of the global ESG movement,” added Nadya Wells. 

Sabrin Rahman focused her presentation on the international concept of ESG and the specific experience of HSBC, which has achieved some impressive results in this area over the past few years. Sabrin Rahman expounded on the role a board of directors can play in understanding a company’s development paths in the area of ESG, and how a board of directors can exercise its supervisory function effectively. “An ESG strategy is required for sustainable development and long-term success of any business. The pandemic has exposed our vulnerability to such crises, demographic and environmental change, and other forces that increase uncertainty and raise the bar of what is expected of business,” explained Sabrin Rahman.

As part of the e-commerce portion of the session, Leonid Boguslavsky and Alexander Pavlov offered the Supervisory Board members a look back on how it all began and spoke about the current state of е-commerce in Russia, the market dynamics, key players, exciting trends and key segments.

“For me, this is a unique opportunity after more than three years on Sber’s Supervisory Board to share my experience building e-commerce companies and my understanding of the trends,” said Leonid Boguslavsky.

“E-commerce has covered a lot of ground over the past 20 years, but its journey has become even more exciting after what we all experienced last year,” noted Alexander Pavlov.

The Supervisory Board members and the Bank’s executives took an active part in the discussion of the session’s topics and expressed readiness for further cooperation and sharing their experiences.

The winter educational session is part of the annual professional development program for Supervisory Board members.