SberBank held an extended session of the Supervisory Board Risk Management Committee on Strategic Risks of Sber Group

Nov 02, 2021

The extended session of Sberbank’s Supervisory Board Risk Management Committee was held on 28 October 2021 by video conferencing to discuss strategic risks on the risk map of Sber Group.

The session was moderated by Gennady Melikyan, Senior Independent Director, Chairman of the Risk Committee, and Dzhangir Dzhangirov, Head of Risks Block of Sberbank. The event was attended by members of the Supervisory Board of Sberbank; Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank; Ekaterina Latypova, Vice-President – Director of Strategy and Development Department; and leaders of Sberbank’s key business units in the Risks, Strategy and Development, and Finance Blocks. Vladislav Butenko, Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG’s Moscow Office, Chairman of BCG in Russia and CIS, and Michael Kunisch, Senior Advisor, Head of Risk Management Practice of BCG in Russia and CIS, took part in the session as guest speakers.

Gennady Melikyan, addressed the Supervisory Board members and session participants with opening remarks and underscored that the topic of strategic banking risks is relevant both in Russia and abroad and particularly significant for Sber Group.

“Strategic risks, being an especially important matter, ought to be discussed by the Supervisory Board not only as a formal agenda item but also in an extended format,” said Mr. Melikyan.

The session primarily revolved around strategic risks on Sber’s risk map, macroeconomic trends, global trends in the international banking industry, ecosystem regulation, and ESG risks.

“Strategic risk management is a critical part of Sber’s risk management framework. The experience and strategic vision of Supervisory Board members are crucial for the company management, and it enables us to create an additional platform for discussion and exchange of experience and expertise,” Mr. Dzhangirov pointed out.

The Supervisory Board members talked about the long-term strategic risks faced by Sber Group and the roadmap for dealing with them and defined their following steps to identify and discuss strategic risks at the Risk Committee and the Supervisory Board meetings as well as regular strategic sessions.