Sberbank holds meeting of Supervisory Board

May 18, 2021

During the meeting, the Supervisory Board reviewed information on PJSC Sberbank’s Q1 2021 IFRS results and its 4M 2021 RAS results.

The Supervisory Board also took note of PJSC Sberbank Group’s Q1 2021 Risk Report. All limitations and regulations on financial market transaction risks, interest rate risk and currency risk in the banking book, and liquidity risk set by the Bank of Russia are respected.

A separate report on ESG risk scenarios and the potential scale of their impact on the economy and carbon-intensive industries and a report on the results of the ESG risk scenario analysis were also presented.

The development of PJSC Sberbank’s ESG track was a separate item on the agenda. The Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development Committee undertook a preliminary examination of the report, which contained a summary of the goals and priorities of PJSC Sberbank’s ESG transformation, the formation of the ESG track, the approach to the construction of an ESG management system, the development of responsible finance, the increased availability of financial services, communications, external relations, and the next steps.

The Supervisory Board also noted the information on the Q1 2021 metrics for the PJSC Sberbank ecosystem.

The meeting concluded with a report on the development of AI at PJSC Sberbank. The issue was reviewed in advance by the Supervisory Board’s Technology Committee.