Risk Management Committee

Competence of the Risk Management Committee

The competence of the Risk Management Committee includes the following issues:

  • To oversee the development and conduct preliminary review of issues of risk and capital management of the Group1, including:

– The risk and capital management strategies of the Bank and the Group, including the procedure for managing the most significant risks and capital of the Bank and the Group

– To review and oversee compliance with the Risk Appetite of the Group and the Bank

– To approve the planned level of capital adequacy, the planned level of capital, and the planned structure of capital

– To approve stress testing scenarios for the Group and the Bank

– To approve key documents for the purposes of regulatory assessment of capital adequacy

– To approve documents specifying approaches to accounting of risks in the remuneration system

  • To review reports, also as part of the internal capital adequacy assessment process
  • To oversee compliance with Russian risk management laws
  • To interact with other Committees of the Supervisory Board on matters of risk management

1 The Group (Sberbank Group) is a banking group defined according to Federal Law No. 395-1 “On Banks and Banking Activities” dated December 2, 1990, in which SberBank is the parent credit institution