Risk Management Committee

Chairman of the Risk Management Committee:

Gennady Melikyan

Members of the Risk Management Committee:

Esko Tapani Aho

Nadya Wells

Nadezhda Ivanova

Aleksander Kuleshov

The competence of the Risk Management Committee includes the following issues:

  • Preliminary review of the Bank's capital and risk management strategy, including as regards ensuring the sufficiency of own capital and liquidity for covering risks, the procedure for application of bank methods of risk management and models of quantitative evaluation of risks, and elaboration of proposals on their improvement;
  • Preliminary assessment of the Bank's policy on remuneration of the members of the Supervisory Board, executive bodies and other key executives of the Bank for compliance with the strategy of the Bank's risk and capital management;
  • Control over ensuring the completeness, accuracy and reliability of information on the risks assumed by the Bank as contained in the reports provided to the Supervisory Board, including the Bank's report submitted for approval of the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Bank;
  • Interaction with other Committees of the Supervisory Board on issues pertaining to management of the Bank's risks.

The Supervisory Board may resolve to submit other issues for the review by the Committee.