Audit and Control

External Audit

The auditing firm applying for the right to audit Sberbank of Russia is selected by open tender. The tender documentation for the open tender to select the auditor is approved by the Tender Committee of Sberbank of Russia for procurement of goods, performance of works and provision of services, and published on the official website of the Bank. The auditing firm selected following the open tender is approved by the Executive Board, the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board, the Supervisory Board and it is submitted for approval to the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of Sberbank of Russia held on May 24, 2019, approved AO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit as the bank's auditor.


Audit Commission

Under clause 1 of Article 85 of the Federal Law «On Joint-Stock Companies», the Audit Commission in a public company may not be created, if it is not compulsory under the charter of that public company.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Sberbank decided on 24 May 2019 to approve the new version of the Charter that doesn’t stipulate an Audit Commission in the Bank. In this connection, the Audit Commission is not elected at Sberbank starting from the year 2019.

Internal Audit Service

The Internal Audit Service was assigned with the functions of inspecting and assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management systems, information security systems, reliability of accounting and reporting, and some other controlling functions, including the functions of controlling the compliance with the procedures established for the internal controls over financial and business activities of the Bank.

Head of the Audit Service:

Oleg V. Chistyakov, Senior Managing Director - Director of Internal Audit Office

Provision on the Internal Audit Service

Internal Control Service

The Internal Controls Office is responsible for ensuring the compliance of Sberbank of Russia with laws, regulations and best practices, as well as for establishing and using effective methods and mechanisms to manage the risks of losses incurred by the bank as a result of failing to comply with legislation, internal documents of the bank, standards of self-regulatory entities and/or sanctions and/or other enforcement actions on the part of supervisory authorities.

Head of the Control Service:

Larisa A. Zalomikhina, Senior Managing Director - Director of the Compliance Department

Risk Management Service (Risks Block)

The Risks Block works to manage risks of the Bank. It is a combination of structural divisions of the Bank, and committees which convene to manage risks.

Head of Risks Block

Dzhangir Dzhangirov – Senior Vice-President