Information on remuneration of the SB members

Payment of remuneration to the members of the Supervisory Board of the Bank and the reimbursement of expenses associated with their participation in the Bank’s governing body, shall be made in the amount and order prescribed by the Regulations on Remuneration and Compensation paid to the members of the Supervisory Board of the Bank*.



THE CURRENT AMOUNT OF THE BASIC REMUNERATION is set (changed) by the decision of the General Meeting of shareholders on the results of 2015 and currently stands at RUB 5.9 MLN (From 2013 to 2015, its amount was RUB 4.2 mln).

ADDITIONAL REMUNERATION depends on the degree of participation in the work of the Supervisory Board.

Total amount of additional remuneration shall not be more than 50% of the basic remuneration amount.

The basic remuneration shall be payable to a member of the Bank’s Supervisory Board provided that he/she has participated in at least a half of the meetings of the Bank’s Supervisory Board held.

* Including the Amendments approved by the Annual General Meeting on May 27, 2016 (in terms of increasing the amount of additional remuneration).