Introductory course held for Supervisory Board elected at AGM

Jul 05, 2017

On June 22, 2017, Sberbank held its Introductory Course for Supervisory Board members (which is part of the onboarding process) at its Central Head Office, which has become a good tradition.

Purpose of the course is fast and efficient acquaintance of the first-time members of the Supervisory Board with the Bank’s strategy, corporate governance system, distribution of authority among the executive bodies, risk management and internal audit system, and other material information on the Bank’s activities, i.a. data on key performance and production indicators, and the corporate/social responsibility of the Sberbank.

Speakers were Deputy Chairmen of the Bank and key TOP-managers/heads of priority areas, curators of functional blocks.

Practice shows that such intensive onboarding of “beginners” to the business processes provides them with a complex view of the Bank’s activity and forms an understanding of the Supervisory Board members’ role in the Bank.

The event which was tailored for first-time members of the Supervisory Board evoked sincere interest with standing directors – they actively participated as well.

As expressed by Supervisory Board members, this event allowed to identify and focus on the most interesting and topical matters of the Bank’s performance, and get a detailed understanding of the tasks and priorities for the Supervisory Board for the coming corporate year and the future.