Supervisory Board of Sberbank visits SberTech

Apr 12, 2016

V. Kulik, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, and A. Melnikova, CEO of SberTech, with Supervisory Board members: A. Kudrin, A. Profumo, G. Melikyan, N. Wells, S. Shvetsov, during their visit to Sberbank’s IT Factory


April 12, 2016, Moscow — In April 2016, SberTech welcomed esteemed guests from the Supervisory Board of Sberbank at the technology hub’s central office in Danilovskiy Fort (DF). The top of the agenda was visiting the IT Factory. The guests learned how the IT Factory helps the Bank develop as a technological company.

Visit to DF started from a demonstration of innovative solutions: the delegates tested the photo analysis system and witnessed the power of mobile applications developed exclusively for Sberbank. An encounter of the pleasant kind followed — the guests met SberTech’s unique employee, the NAO robot which told them about SberTech and the Bauman University’s BIT Department and surprised them with his ability to support a conversation and show emotions.

The agenda started with a report by Vadim Kulik, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, and Alisa Melnikova, CEO of SberTech. The report focused on the company, its performance and strategic plans, as well as the role of SberTech in IT infrastructure of the Bank.

On with the visit — and Supervisory Board members go to the Laboratory of Ergonomics and Design and meet its team and leader — Alexey Chekanov, Deputy Director for Strategic Developments, who led a short tour of the facility and shared the secret of building a creative atmosphere in the team. He also covered the specifics of bringing the most daring ideas to life and the most efficient user designs.

Mikhail Khasin, Senior Managing Director, spoke about creating the 18+ Business Development Platform as part of the New IT Platforms for Business presentation — the Platform is the cradle of technological future of the Bank. Elena Baturova, Senior Managing Director, followed with the presentation on the Single Front-End System and spoke about the goals of the Program and the drivers of success — all for internal and external customers.

Delegates were very interested in the presentation on developing models using Big Data and on machine learning. Maxim Eryomenko, Managing Director and Head of Tools and Models Division, spoke about practicing these technologies at Sberbank. Official program ended with the presentation by Ilya Agoshkov, Deputy Director for Strategic Developments. He spoke about SberTech’s solutions in risk management.

Feedback from participants was positive, and guests said they had learned a lot about innovation and technology at Sberbank.