XI National Award — Director of the Year

Nov 29, 2016

November 29, 2016, Moscow — The Ritz-Carlton hotel housed the VI Russian Corporate Governance Forum and the XI National Award — Director of the Year, both organized by the Independent Directors Association, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and PwC in partnership with the Moscow Exchange and Sberbank.

In 2016, four independent directors of Sberbank were nominated for the XI National Award — Director of the Year: Nadia Wells, Vladimir Mau, Gennady Melikyan, Alessandro Profumo. They were also put on the list of 50 Best Independent Directors of 2016 of the Independent Directors Association.

This year, the Forum’s topic was «Speed, Agility, Efficiency — Challenges of the New Times». Taking into account the three modern drivers of economic growth: speed, agility, and efficiency — the speakers did their best to produce the main focus points for business governance in Russia.

The first session of the Forum where Sberbank was represented by Bella Zlatkis, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, was devoted to outlook of public and private company governance, and new governance technologies including agile. During the session, Ms. Zlatkis pointed out: «Corporate governance plays a serious role in modern life. A prerequisite for streamlined corporate governance is competence-based formation of the Board of Directors and the performance of the latter as a single team».

For the third time in a row, Sberbank served as the strategic partner of the Forum, and it held a session titled «Corporate governance in the era of technological change». The session featured heads and owners of technological companies and agile transformation specialists as speakers.

Participants noted that the development of technologies opens untapped wells for business and those who govern it. However, success awaits only those who take decisions fast — on current and strategic matters — and duly respond to the ever-changing situation.

Sberbank was represented by Alexander Vedyakhin, Senior Vice-President, who expressed his point of view: «Considering how fast the life situation changes, the role of risk management in companies only grows. Very often a company’s fate depends on how the board of directors manages the risk. The Bank had different risk groups, and for each there’s a risk appetite confirmed at Supervisory Board level. If the level of risk appetite is breached, Supervisory Board members will know about it and will react».

Participants also underlined the importance of raising the Supervisory Board’s awareness of cyber-risk management. Plus, agile method applications in corporate governance were reviewed.