Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Sberbank

May 24, 2019
Dear Shareholder,
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is a key event in our corporate life.

At the meeting you will receive comprehensive information on the Bank’s performance and achievements in 2018 from the senior management of the bank and learn about future plans.

As a shareholder you will be able to exercise your right to participate in the governance of the Bank and express your will in making major decisions. All holders of Sberbank’s ordinary shares have the right to vote on the agenda of the meeting.
Herman Gref (CEO) Presentation
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2019
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May 24, 2019
Start of registration:
8:00 am (Moscow Time)
Start of the meeting:
10:00 am (Moscow Time)
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Conference Hall, 19 Vavilova Street, Moscow
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The Supervisory Board of Sberbank has recommended the following dividend sizes:
RUB 16
per ordinary share
RUB 16
per preferred share
April 29, 2019
(end of business day)
Date on which the persons entitled to participate in the Meeting are determined (recorded)
June 13, 2019
Date recommended by the Supervisory Board on which persons entitled to receive dividends are to be determined
RUB 38.16
Earnings per share (EPS) of the Group in 2018
ROE under IFRS
The Group’s return on equity for 2018 under International Financial Reporting Standards
RUB 831.7 bln
net profit
Size of the Group’s net profit for 2018 under International Financial Reporting Standards
Capital adequacy of the Group under International Financial Reporting Standards

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Results of the Meeting

In accordance with the Charter, the resolutions passed by the General Meeting of Shareholders and results of voting are announced during the meeting and conveyed to shareholders in the form of a report no later than four business days after the event. The resolutions are also detailed in the minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be available on the Bank’s website.
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