General Shareholders' Meeting 2018

Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of SberBank June 8, 2016

G.Gref (SEO) presentation

Notice on assembly of the Meeting


Dear shareholder,

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest governing body of SberBank and the key event in our corporate life.

During the meeting, the shareholders can get full firsthand information about SberBank’s previous year performance and plans from the top management and participate in making critical decisions.

As SberBank’s shareholder, you are invited to exercise your right to participate in the governance of the bank. Shareholders who own ordinary shares may vote on all items of the agenda.


June 8, 2018


8:00 am (Moscow time), Start of registration of the participants
10:00 am (Moscow time), Start of the meeting


19 Vavilova Street, Moscow conference hall

14 May 2018

Date when those entitled to participate in the AGM will be determined.

26 June 2018 (end of the banking day)

Date recommended by the Supervisory Board, on which persons entitled to dividends for the year 2017 are determined.

  1. Approval of the annual report for 2017

  2. Approval of the annual accounting (financial) statements for 2017

  3. Profit distribution and payment of dividends for 2017

  4. Appointment of an auditing organization

  5. Election of the members of the Supervisory Board

  6. Election of the members of the Audit Commission

  7. Granting consent to a related-party transaction

  8. Approval of the new version of the Charter


Dear shareholder,

Here you will find the materials for all agenda items. By reviewing them you will get a full picture of the bank’s performance
over the previous year and understand specific agenda items to make balanced and unbiased decisions.

Please also read the Rules of Business Communication for the Shareholders that we have prepared so that you know
the procedure of the meeting and our rules of communication and business behavior.

We hope that these rules will be of use and help you navigate through the meeting.

The amount of dividends recommended
by the Supervisory Board:

per ordinary share — RUB 12

per preferred share — RUB 12



Rules of Business Communication for the Shareholders

Outcomes of the meeting

Dear shareholder,

In accordance with the Charter, the Bank shall announce the resolutions adopted by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders during the meeting and put them into the report on the voting results no later than 4 business days after the meeting.

The resolutions are also disclosed in the minutes of the meeting available on the Bank’s website.

Report on the results of voting

Minutes № 31 of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders