General Shareholders' Meeting 2015

Dear Shareholders,

Sberbank of Russia Open Joint-Stock Company (Sberbank of Russia OJSC), located at 19 Vavilova Street, Moscow 117997, Russia, hereby announces that its annual General Shareholders' Meeting for 2014 (hereinafter, the "Meeting") will be held on May 29, 2015.

The Meeting will be held in the form of a meeting (joint attendance by shareholders).

The venue of the Meeting will be the conference hall of SberBank of Russia at 19 Vavilova St., Moscow 117997, Russia.

The Meeting will start at 10 a.m., Moscow time.

The list of persons entitled to attend the Meeting has been prepared as of the close of business on April 20, 2015.




Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Approving the Annual Report

  2. Approving the Annual Accounting (Financial) Statements

  3. Distribution of Profits and Payment of Dividends for 2014

  4. Approving the Auditor

  5. Electing the Members of the Supervisory Board

  6. Electing the Members of the Audit Commission

  7. Electing CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board

  8. Approving the New Version of the Charter

  9. Approving the New Version of the Regulations on the General Shareholders' Meeting

  10. Approving the New Version of the Regulations on the Supervisory Board

  11. Approving the New Version of the Regulations on Remunerations and Compensations Paid to the Members of the Supervisory Board

  12. Approving a Non Arm's-Length Transaction


Registration of the Meeting's attendees will take place on May 29, 2015, from 08:00 (Moscow time) at the Meeting's venue.

To register, a shareholder or his/her representative must have a passport or another identification document, and the shareholder's representative must, in addition, have documents confirming his/her powers and executed in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.

Shareholders may also participate in the Meeting by sending their completed voting ballots to SberBank of Russia, 19 Vavilova St. Moscow 117997, Russia. The deadline for accepting completed voting ballots is no later than 18:00 (Moscow time) on May 26, 2015. The ballots received after that date will not be counted in determining the quorum of the Meeting and voting results.

Information (materials) provided for review to persons entitled to participate in the Meeting will be available from April 28, 2015, at the location of SberBank of Russia (19 Vavilova St., Moscow, Russia); in regional banks as well as on the website of SberBank of Russia at

Telephone for inquiries: +7(495) 505-88-91, +7(495) 957-59-60.

This information (materials) will be available during the meeting to persons registered to participate in the meeting.

Important information

To the attention of shareholders of the Bank:

According to the requirements of the Federal Law No. 208-FZ "On Joint Stock Companies" of December 26, 1995, a person registered in the register of shareholders of the Bank must provide the registrar of shareholders of the Bank (STATUS JSC, hot line: 8-800-500-87-43) with information on changes in his details (full name/name, residence/location address, bank details, passport and other information).

If the registrar or nominal holder (depositary), with whom the shareholder concluded a depository service agreement, has no up-to-date details, the shareholder may not receive the voting ballots, due dividends on shares, and may face difficulties in carrying out any operation with the shares of the Bank.

Electronic voting

Dear Shareholders,

Please note that, according to enacted legislative amendments, the owners of securities whose rights to shares are recorded by the depository, have an additional way of participating in the Shareholders' Meeting of the Company by "electronic voting".

In essence, this innovation means that you can give the appropriate voting instructions to your depository (nominal holder in charge of maintaining your securities account), who, through the Central Depository (National Settlement Depository) and the Registrar, will communicate to the Company, in a timely manner, the expression of your will in the form of an electronic voting document.

SberBank guarantees the availability of this voting method to depositors of the Bank's Depository. The customers of other depositories must check the availability of "electronic voting" with their depositories.

At the same time, SberBank provides to its shareholders, without restrictions, the opportunity to participate in the Shareholders' Meeting by completing and sending the voting ballot by mail or through personal attendance of the Meeting.