Corporate governance of Sberbank
The corporate governance of the bank has steady growth of shareholder value as its goal.
General Shareholders Meeting
The General Shareholders Meeting is the supreme management body of the bank.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sergey Ignatiev
Organizes and maintains effective operations of the Supervisory board of the bank and the board committees.
Supervisory Board
A bank governance board collectively running the bank’s operations.
CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board
Herman Gref
Supervises the bank’s current operations and heads the Executive Board, organizing its work.
Executive Board
An executive body collectively running the bank’s day-to-day operations.
Corporate Secretary Service
Oleg Tsvetkov
Corporate Secretary
The Corporate Secretary ensures that the governance bodies and executives of the Bank comply with the corporate governance practices.
Corporate Secretary Regulations
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Audit and Control
Bank units responsible for ensuring the compliance of the bank with country’s laws and internal regulations.
Internal Audit Service
Service head:
Oleg Chistyakov, Senior Managing Director — Director of Internal Audit Office
Internal Control Service
Service head: Larisa Zalomikhina, Senior Managing Director — Director of the Compliance Department
Risk Management Service (Risks Block)
Service head: Dzhangir Dzhangirov — Senior Vice-President
Internal Audit Service Regulations