Vydayushiesya Kredity LLC, micro-credit company

The Company specializes in granting loans to small and micro businesses in the amount of up to 800 thousand rubles. The Company’s mission is to increase the accessibility of funding for micro businesses. Entrepreneurs will be able to get funding online and in one day. MCC Vydayushiesya Kredity LLC is a 100% Sber subsidiary. The Company is an anchor investor of the SberKredo which is also a 100% Sber subsidiary. The Company operates in all of Russia’s federal districts.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    Financial services and Fintech

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Synergies within the ecosystem

  • MCC Vydayushiesya Kredity LLC’s borrowers can use Sber’s settlement products.
  • MCC Vydayushiesya Kredity LLC provides loans to companies that can’t currently get a loan from Sbers, which i a source of capital replenishment for small and micro businesses.