UMoney, electronic payments service (former Yandex.Money)
Payment operator possessing over 20 years of experience in the electronic payments market. Every other Runet user pays with UMoney (according to Mediascope survey).
  • Yandex.Wallet service is the third most popular e-payment service in the B2C segment, following banking cards and Sber Online. The service users can create an e-wallet and have a virtual or plastic card issued to it with a common access to funds.
  • Kassa.Yandex service is No.1 payment acceptance service on Runet (according to MARC). It helps companies accept online payments (internet acquiring), enables sales of goods and services on credit or on an instalment plan with instant online approval, and facilitates online settlements between legal entities. The system accepts payments from 8 CIS countries having local payment methods. Over 120 merchants per day wish to connect to Kassa.Yandex (on average, 3,800+ monthly connection applications in 2020).
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Financial services and Fintech
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UMoney at a glance
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Synergy with other ecosystem
Identification with Sber ID. Sber customers who use Yandex.Money may identify themselves using Sber ID. Once identified online, users can benefit from all Yandex.Money features, including payment for online purchases worldwide and multi-currency accounts.
B2B Payments. Kassa.Yandex and Sber launched B2B payments in October 2018. The average amount of payment made through the service is now RUB26,000. Over a year’s period, the service users have paid over RUB140 million for their purchases.