SberZvuk, streaming audio service

SberZvuk is a multiplatform streaming service helping users to find music for every moment of their lives and discover new music with the use of podcasts. Thousands of ready-made playlists, charts, personal recommendations and selections for various activities and moods are available in the app, on the website and in all devices of the Sber ecosystem.

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SberZvuk at a glance

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Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Using of Sberank ID to log in to the application.
  • Integration with smart devices — SberPortal and SberBox.
  • Integration with the Salut family of virtual assistants.
  • Connection to the contactless payment service SberPay.
  • Improvement of recommendation algorithms due to the combination of expertise, knowledge and computer performance.

Development plans for 2021-2023

  • 01

    Creation of the most relevant audio-content catalogue: music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, lives, comic programs, news, audio plays, sleepcasts, audio for meditation, etc.

  • 02

    Creation of a unique next-generation system of recommendations offering personalized content for each user with allowance for consumer behavior, context, mood and other parameters.

  • 03

    Creation of a single seamless environment for communication with users due to integration with a voice assistant, smart devices and lifestyle products.