SberSolutions is a provider of business process outsourcing solutions

SberSolutions (formerly, Intercomp) is a founder of the business process outsourcing practice and a leading provider of outsourcing and financial consulting services in Russia and the CIS. SberSolutions serves more than 1,500 organizations, including major Russian and international companies from all economy sectors, as well as government and social organizations.

The company offers its services in the field of accounting and reporting, HR and change management, legal and tax services, consulting on operational performance improvement, outsourcing of back office functions, technological solutions in the field of security and continuity of business. It partners with global leaders in the field of outsourcing.

In 2019, the company ranked 1st among the largest outsourcing companies of Russia and the CIS (according to RAEX).

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Revenue dynamics

In 2019, the company increased its revenue by 34% compared to 2018, and topped the ranking of largest outsourcing companies of Russia and CIS (according to RAEX).

Synergies within the ecosystem

  • Launching joint projects with the ecosystem companies.
  • Increase of the CLTV metric (customer lifetime value, that is, the company’s profit generated by the customer throughout its lifetime period) for small business customers enabled by SberSolutions services.
  • Accounting outsourcing services (Accounting for Individual Entrepreneurs, My Accounting Outsourcing) are integrated into Sber Business Online; tax deduction service by SberSolutions is included into package offers of Sber First, Sber Premier, Sber Private Banking.
  • A single operator of accounting functions for the Sber ecosystem.

Development plans

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    Expand the product line and develop new customer segments, including scaling of the micro and small business segment and launch of services for individual customers. New business lines include services aimed at ensuring business continuity, IT consulting and development, financial controlling services, business consulting on the HR management organization amidst the new conditions. For individual entrepreneurs, SberSolutions launched a new online service for independent account keeping and a tax consultations service for individual customers.

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    Launch new digital solutions.

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    Partner with leading international companies in the outsourcing and consulting fields.

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    Strengthen the company’s position as a leading outsourcing and consulting expert.