SberFood, food tech platform

SberFood is a restaurant selection service created by FoodPlex, a developer of digital solutions for restaurant business. SberFood allows individual customers to select restaurants basing on customer feedback, book tables, pre-order their food and pay their bills including tips with no need to wait for a server. SberFood is there for the customer at every stage, from the moment they just thought of eating, through the moment that they leave the location.

The SberFood platform consists of a mobile app for customers and a loyalty management system, CRM and analytics for restaurants.

The project shareholders are Sber and Mail Group.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    Food delivery and restaurants

  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the holding


SberFood at a glance

  • >0k

    restaurants are connected to the platform

  • >0million

    is the average monthly amount of orders paid via the mobile app.

Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Cooperation with other ecosystem companies.
  • Using Sberank ID to log in to the application.
  • Promotion via Sber channels and serving Sber’s customer base.
  • Participation in the events held by the Bank, including the annual ‘Green Day’ special project.
  • Direct marketing targeting the Bank customers: SMS, push messages, email broadcasting.
  • Integration with Spasibo from Sber loyalty program.

Development plans

  • 01

    The strategic goal of SberFood is to reduce the customers’ waiting time and turn any contact with a restaurant into a fast and comfortable experience free of unnecessary efforts and expenses.