SberFactoring, factoring company
SberFactoring provides funding and debtor and credit indebtedness management services for companies working on terms of deferred payment.

The Company is a leader on the market, a finalist of the CX World Awards international prize in the Digital Customer Experience nominations, has been nominated twice for “The fastest growing factor in Russia” according to the Expert RA agency, is a member of the Factors Chain International (FCI) international factoring association.
Business line within the ecosystem
Professional services
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Market share in 2020
SberFactoring at a glance
0billion RUB
has been payed out in H1 2020
Synergies within the ecosystem
Factoring services are available on the whole territory of Russia in Sber’s branches servicing corporate customers and on the SberFactoring Online digital platform.
Development plans 2021-2023
Digitalization of factoring deals, development of contactless factoring, transformation of SberFactoring Online into a unified frontal platform for interactions between suppliers, buyers and the Factor; integration of factoring into the system for settlements between customers, suppliers and buyers.