SberCloud, cloud-based platform

SberCloud provides its cloud-based services to Sber, the ecosystem companies and external customers, that is, business, academic, scientific and government entities. SberCloud infrastructure and its information technology platforms are the unifying elements of the digital ecosystem of the Sber Group. The company offers a wide range of modern IaaS and PaaS solutions, as well as AI Cloud services that provide access to the computing resources of Christofari, the most power Russian supercomputer.

  • Business line

    IT services, cybersecurity, cloud-based technologies

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SberCloud at a glance

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    cloud-based IaaS and PaaS services are available to SberCloud customers

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    is the effective performance of Christofari

Synergies within the ecosystem

  • The AI Cloud platform and computing resources of the Christofari supercomputer are provided to the Sber Group in order for it to train the natural language processing (NLP) program models.
  • AI Cloud and Christofari have become the principal infrastructure resources for developing AI technologies in the Sber Group, including the ecosystem companies.
  • SberCloud deploys a unified cloud-based platform intended to have technological companies and Sber Group units facilitating the Group’s digital ecosystem operations, migrate to SberCloud.