SberAuto is a personal assistant in choosing and buying cars online

SberAuto is a multifunction mobile app for searching, buying and selling new and used cars for individuals and entities, and for taking out car loans and car insurance. While buying a car at SberAuto, a customer can do all the paperwork, choose optimal insurance and file a loan application online. As for auto dealers, the service will become an effective channel for selling their cars, save time for doing paperwork and accelerate the transaction support.

  • Business line within the ecosystem


  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the company


Development plans

  • 01

    Change the customer experience in buying and selling cars.

  • 02

    Scale the business in multiples.

  • 03

    Deploy direct sales from car manufacturers.

  • 04

    Cover all consumer needs in the following business lines: «buying a new car», «buying a used car», «selling a car», «car owner»

  • 05

    Create a single point of entry to the Sber car ecosystem.

  • 06

    Cover the demands of all user categories (buyers of new and user cars, car sales, car owners).

  • 07

    Implement direct sales of new cars from manufacturers.