Rambler&Co is No. 1 among Russian media holdings in terms of monthly audience - over 66 million. It includes Rambler, Lenta.ru, Gazeta.ru, Championat, WMJ.ru, Secretmag, Motor, LiveJournal and some other media assets. Due to the diversity of its platforms, the holding covers the full range of interests and needs of various audiences. Rambler&Co also includes a number of b2b and b2c services, including Afisha (a media service platform), Kassa.Rambler (the largest online ticketing service), etc. Rambler&Co, together with Okko, is a part of Rambler Group, one of leaders of Russian media and entertainment industry.

Rambler&Co is one of the few Russian digital companies having the full stack of RTB (Real Time Bidding) technologies: SSP (Supply Side Platform), DSP (Demand Side Platform), ATD “Leto”, DMP (Data Management Platform) “Rambler Model”. Rambler&Co advertising technologies allow it to ensure the maximum quality of placement at the group platforms abd create innovative advertising products.

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    Media and entertainment

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Synergies within the ecosystem

  • Login with Sber ID: user may log in to the Rambler services with Sber ID
  • Content, entertainment and media: launching additional services for Sber customers - exclusive content, offers and services as close to individual preferences as possible