Kassa.Rambler ticket booking service
Kassa.Rambler is a leading B2B service offering automation of online sales of cinema and event tickets. The company products include ticket and bar product selling widgets integrated in websites and social networks, white label mobile apps, a CRM system for sales and audience analytics, a Live Ticket technology, ticket scanning and others. Kassa.Rambler is also one of the leading Russian online services selling tickets for theatre, cinema, concert, sport and other events. The tickets are sold both via the service’s own facilities and via its partners.
Business line within the ecosystem
Media and entertainment
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Sber’s stake in the company
Sber’s stake in the holding
About the business
ctive users of the service per month
tickets sold via Kassa.Rambler service in 2019
Russian cities and towns make its geographic footprint
is the market share in theCinema segment in 2020
is the market share in the online services market in 2020
cinemas across Russia connected to the service
Synergies within the ecosystem
Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:
The service’s offering and promo information are distributed via Sber channels: the Spasibo portal. Impressions, Sber branch network, Sber Online internet bank
Automation of ticket sales in the regions.
Development plans for 2021-2023
Create a vertically integrated platform bringing together customer experience, marketing and ticket sales services.
Further synergy with Sber channels.
Grow market share in the Life Entertainment category enabled by the partner base enhancement: strategic integration with ticket booking systems and bringing White Label to partners’ own showcases.
Integration with partner resources in order to create co-branding projects for their audience in the Entertainment category.
Develop in-house distribution channels.