Rabota.ru, online recruitment service
One of Russia’s largest job and staff search services. Customized recommendations and search system help 400,000 daily users in their job search. In 2019, we launched a free Verified Employer service that evaluates an employer’s financial performance, gathers their news and helps candidates find reliable jobs.
Business line within the ecosystem
Recruitment and education
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Sber’s stake in the company
Customer base
>0million CVs
posted on the company website
monthly active users
>0k employers
are registered with Rabota.ru
Revenue dynamics
In 2019, the service revenue grew 14% to RUB452 million
Synergies within the ecosystem
Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:
Promoting the recruiting service for startups Startup.rabota.ru.
Developing the Active Age portal.
Using Sberank ID to log in to the service.
Content distribution via Sber channels.
Publication of research materials on the Russian employment market
Cooperation with other ecosystem companies in promoting the Beremnarabotu.ru vacancies marketplace.
Development plans for 2021-2023
Modernize our product and technology platforms.
Further integrate into the Sber ecosystem, work on joint projects.
Enter new business segments, create new services for individual customers, companies and HR professionals.