Okko, online cinema

The Okko multimedia service is one of the largest Russian VoD (video on-demand) services, a leader in terms of payment-based monetization model. The project started in 2011, and today it is present on all key platforms: Smart TV, mobile (iOS and Android), Apple TV, PlayStation 4, web (PC).

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    Media and entertainment

  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the holding


Okko at a glance

  • 0million

    monthly active users

  • >0k

    movies and other content units contained in the service’s library

Synergies within Sber ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Distribution via Sber channels (Sber Online, branches, ATMs)
  • cial Offers for Sber employees
  • Participation in the Bank’s events, including the ‘Green Day’, the largest-scale annual special project.
  • Direct marketing targeting the Bank customers: SMS, push messages, email broadcasting.
  • Projects carried out jointly with other ecosystem companies: Delivery Club, Citymobil
  • Integration into the ecosystem of Sber’s digital products on an exclusive basis.
  • Generating dedicated mobile content for Sber Online users.
  • Enhancement of recommendation machine learning algorithms using Sber’s data.
  • Using SberCloud capacities for efficient scaling.
  • Further integration with Spasibo from Sber loyalty program.

Development plans for 2021-2023

  • 01

    Content: partner with leading local and international content providers, expand the alternative content offering, co-produce movies, TV shows and theatre projects.

  • 02

    Distribution and marketing: keep the leadership on the Smart TV platform, gain top positions on other platforms, invest in the brand, joint marketing with Sber and new partnerships with telecom and retail companies.
  • 03

    Product improvements: seamless user experience on various devices, full support of 4k streaming on all platforms, leadership in consumer satisfaction and NPS index.

  • 04

    Recommendation system: enhance the recommendation technology, 80% views initiated by recommendations, estimated recommendation accuracy exceeds 75%.

  • 05

    Cloud-based technologies: migration to cloud platform with automatic scaling.