Local Kitchen, food delivery service

Local Kitchen is a service for cooking and delivery of freshly cooked food within 15-30 minutes. All meals are cooked right in kitchens and delivered only within the area of their operation by their own courier service. Over 25,000 orders per day are delivered within 26 minutes on the average. New kitchens are being opened every month. Now there are about 50 points in Moscow.

All orders are made via its own mobile app.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    Food delivery and restaurants

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  • Sber’s stake in the holding


Local Kitchen at a glance

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Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Authorization of customers via SberID.
  • Integration with Sber Online.
  • Selling of ecosystem products via the Local Kitchen ‘shelf’. Participation in SberBox market launch.
  • Integration with the ecosystem and cooperation with other projects, e.g. work with Delivery Club and special projects with Okko, Citymobil and 2GIS.
  • Promotion via Sber channels.
  • Direct marketing targeting the Bank customers: SMS, push messages, emailing.

Development plans for 2021-2023

  • 01

    Geographic growth, opening in new cities.

  • 02

    Using of technological and operational groundwork of ecosystem partners in order to improve the service.

  • 03

    Launch of native integration with Sber virtual assistants.

  • 04

    Adding SberPay to payment methods.

  • 05

    Further cooperation with other ecosystem projects as part of the Online-to-Offline platform development.