SberLeasing, lease operator
SberLeasing is a lease company having a well developed regional network It offers the best solutions to its customers representing large, medium, and small businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs, taking into account their industry specifics. By the results of 1H 2020, the company ranked first in terms of new business volume (according to ‘Expert RA’). European association Leaseurope ranked SberLeasing among Europe’s TOP-20 leasing companies. The company became the first lease company in Russia that provided its customers with an option to sign their contracts electronically.
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SberLeasing at a glance
0billion RUB
is the volume of new business as of 1 July 2020
0billion RUB
Synergies within the ecosystem
Transactions can be executed at the Bank's offices: one can conclude a lease agreement with the company in all regions of the country; to formally process a lease deal, the customer can apply not only to the company offices but also to any Sber branch that serves corporate customers.
Development plans
further develop digital processes
increase car leasing market share
improve service level by developing unique industry expertise