IT company SberKorus

SberKorus is the market leader in automation of retail supply (EDI), one of leading operators of electronic document flow in Russia. Key competencies of the company are electronic document flow, development of cloud SaaS solutions for business, as well as services and products to manage supply and mutual settlement chains.

SberKorus customers include 90% of federal and regional chain stores in Russia and over 6,000 their suppliers, as well as international manufacturing companies, logistic and telecom operators, banks and financial institutions, public sector.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    IT services

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SberKorus at a glance

  • >0million

    electronic documents go through SberKorus services (annually)

  • >0trillion RUB

    is the total amount of supplies via SberKorus services (annually)

  • ~0%

    of the company are owned by Sber

  • 0%

    is the share of EDI market (market leader)

  • 0%

    is the share of EDF market

  • 0

    in the rating of SaaS service providers (CNews)

  • 0

    in the rating of Russian IT companies (CNews)

Synergies within the ecosystem

  • Transfer of Sber processes to EDF: 132 processes of the bank’s EDF with customers and counterparties are implemented, 1.5 million is the monthly traffic of electronic documents, over 250,000 bank customers use EDF to interact with the bank every month.
  • 9 SberKorus SaaS services are integrated in Sber Business Online (e-invoicing, reports to public authorities, counterparty check service, electronic archive, etc.).
  • Over 70 SACs are connected to SberKorus electronic document flow service.
  • SberLeasing: a digital process to get leasing products is implemented (E-Leasing).
  • SberPrivate Pension Fund: a service to file applications for transferring the investment part of pension to the fund is implemented.
  • SberA: electronic document flow is implemented as part of procurement activities.
  • Sber Solutions: a joint project “Online Accounting”.
  • EVOTOR: end-to-end electronic document flow process as part of product marking.

Development plans

  • 01

    Leadership in EDF: digitization of transport documents, UTD as part of marking and HR document flow. Develop EDF drivers together with the Federal Tax Service.

  • 02

    Leadership in the EDI market: market share increase, introduction of new EDI-based products and services.

  • 03

    x2 growth in IT development (by 2023).

  • 04

    x3 growth in SaaS services, transaction income (by 2023).

  • 05

    x5 growth in implementation of public projects (by 2023).