Evotor is a technology developer for small and medium business

The company develops and implements technologies for small and medium-sized businesses: it helps its customers keep their accounting books and stock records, label goods, attract and retain customers, remotely monitor their staff performance, operate online commerce and much more. Every fourth Russian entrepreneur uses an Evotor smart terminal. The Evotor.Market application store offers over 500 business management services. The Evotor ecosystem also includes an OFD Platform, a fiscal data operator leading the Russian OFD (operators of fiscal data) market.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    IT-services, cybersecurity, cloud

  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the company


Evotor at a glance

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    companies use Evotor online cash registers

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    is the Evotor’s share of the smart terminals market

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    smart terminals installed in retail outlets across Russia

Synergies within the ecosystem

  • Wholesale purchases Sber and Evotor launched the ‘on-shelf’ (na_polke in Russian) marketplace for bulk purchasing of grocery by retail customers.
  • Payments The QR Pay service by Sber is integrated into Evotor online cash registers. Cashless payments have become available to all owners of online cash registers.

Development plans

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    Develop and launch new devices and payment solutions for small and medium businesses, as well as services meeting the legal and the new market requirements, such as labeling or a platform for bringing business online, to both provide great business development opportunities for the Bank's customers and maintain the company's leading position in the market.